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Wednesday, 16 August 2017
Dissin' Ron Paul --a letter to World Net Daily PDF 
Friday, 28 December 2007
To whom it may concern at World Net Daily:

I have read WND for years, and have links to your site from the 60+ websites I own and run. I've always appreciated the fine writers you have on staff. But I have a problem. The founder of World Net Daily, Joseph Farah was way off base with his, what seems to this writer, a personal attack on Ron Paul. I have thought about it for several days since it hit the wires and am almost tempted to take all WND links down from my sites as I see his article as a cheap shot in lock step with the MSM and inappropriate by journalistic standards.

Our times and the politics of this nation are complex to say the least. I appears to me Mr. Farah along with others (and perhaps in concert) were lurking, waiting (with an agenda) for what they thought they could use as a chink in the armor of Ron Paul. I watched the original interview and have since replayed it a half-dozen times, along with hours of further research of the Dr Paul and other Presidential Candidates. No where do I see a hypocrisy in Dr. Paul's conduct as regards the "earmark issue" that Mr. Russert machine-gunned at him in that very hostile, biased interview. And indeed consider Ron Paul the ONLY choice for an American future. You accused Dr. Paul of hypocrisy--

Yet, I find the hypocrisy to rest with you Mr. Farah. Ron Paul, is he not the Champion of the Constitution, the only one brave enough to call for the changes needed to restore power to the people. Is he not the sole candidate unbought enough to call for the disbanding of the Federal reserve, the same institution your publication rails so much about and indeed sells many books about the very subject. Dr. Paul is the only viable candidate with a strategy to hopefully preserve the Republic before it's too late (which it may already be)?

To promulgate a subject matter such as yours with a stated goal of "a free press for a free people," and then to marginalize the only candidate truly working for the unabridged freedom of "We the People" is truly the height of hypocrisy--and unfortunately do to that, I now see your underlying agenda, hence my disappointment. Were it not so blatantly shown through your writing the close-mindedness and perhaps somewhat covert agendas you embrace I would not feel as I do. Yet as you have a right to your beliefs, thus do we all, yet I may add, as CEO and Editor of what I consider one of the finest news sources in the World it is regrettable to see your true colors are no different than the MSM.

To address the point you made in your article as to your perceived fraud of Doctor Ron Paul, these are my views. Indeed Ron Paul would be derelict if he did not try and recover some of the tax money his constituents have paid into the system. He is after all a Representative of the 14th district of Texas that's his job such as it has come to be in this era of big government.

Doctor Paul is a pragmatist, not an anarchist. He is trying to change the system from within as is the duty and right of those elected to office if they indeed see flaws to our malignant evolved modern form of governance, skewed from that originally framed by the Founders. If Mr. Farah would bother to research the man a little more closely (or not listen to his controllers) he would find Dr. Paul to be consistent through the decades with his ideals.

To do as Mr. Farah apparently feels would be non-hypocritical, Ron Paul would have been nothing more than a place holder in congress--He was doing his job, Sir--while I might add trying to effect change to the very system he, by needs be, is part of. Compare if you will, a lawyer in a court case, if an appeal to a long forgotten precedent has been filed, does the lawyer cross his arms and say, "No--the system is broken and as protest towards what I know is right I will no longer work for my client."?

Dr. Paul must work from within, while doing what is necessary to keep it all moving forward in as free and just way as possible if ever we are to have an opportunity afforded to see any change at all.

That time has now come Mr. Farah, the train has finally left the station and Ron Paul is the engineer,

So at this point which bus do you plan to jump on Mr. Farah? And yes, make no mistake, the Ron Paul Revolution needs a train to carry "We The People", while the others only need buses, or dare I say in some cases paddy wagons instead.

With Best Wishes for You, your Writers, and your right to free speech, W.J. Lynus O'Brien

PS: Jerry Corsi still rocks!!!!!

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By W.J. Lynus O'Brien
Friday, 28 December 2007
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